Contact Information

Customer Service  is 24x7. 
All inquires should be directed to email at AVA Tactical is a small business, a single product by designed and sold by a enthusiast of the Benelli M4 platform. However, this is single product business and while we can be very responsive via email, phone inquires should be limited to payment issues with pre-existing orders and then only when there has been an attempt to resolve via email first.
 Email response will be faster than by phone.
All sales or product inquires should be directed to email. 
200 NE Missouri Rd 
Ste 298
Lees Summit MO 64086

Please only use phone for resolving payment issues related to existing orders which you cannot resolve by contacting SALES@AVATACTICAL.COM first. 
Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to other phone inquires.
(314) 400-8203