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All inquires should be directed to email at sales@avatactical.com. AVA Tactical is a small business, a single product designed and sold by a enthusiast of the Benelli M4 platform. However, while we can be very responsive via email, phone inquires should be limited to payment issues with pre-existing orders and then only when there has been an attempt to resolve via email first as keeping up with phone inquires is very difficult.
 Email response will be faster than phone in all cases.
All sales or product inquires should be directed to email.
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Information for Surefire Lights

The AVA Tactical Benelli M4 Light Mount clamps to the rearward portion of the light due to the dimensions of the Benelli M4. To accommodate for the dimensions of the firearm the following should be observed:

Surefire 6P:
The classic tactical tail-cap rotates freely on the flashlight body, if this is undesirable, the Z59 Click-On tail-cap from Surefire will change this behavior and will provide a more stable setup. AVA Tactical highly recommends the use of such a tail cap if the Surefire 6 Series is used. 

Surefire E Series:
Flared tail-caps must be avoided. The tail-cap should be the approximate same diameter as the flashlight body. Z57, Z61 are both examples of suitable tail-caps. Z68 is one that will not fit. 

Surefire Scout Series:
Surefire Scouts are of the same family as the E Series with a mounting fixture difference. Like the E-Series, flared tail-caps cannot be used. Z57 and Z61 are both suitable tail-caps. The Z68 tail-cap will not fit. 

The Surefire Scout has a mounting fixture built into the body. This fixture will not interfere with mounting the Scout in the AVA Tactical system, however it must be positioned to face outward to avoid contacting other features of your Benelli M4. To achieve a cleaner look, it may be more desirable to use a body from an E-Series light with your Scout light head. 

AVA Tactical Benelli M4 Light Mount - Installation and Overview

AVA Tactical Benelli M4 Light Mount - Installation and Overview