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We are unable to offer estimated timelines as these rely upon third parties which means that we cannot make commitments and estimates are almost always viewed as missed deadlines or commitments. 

AVA Tactical Benelli M4 Mounting System

AVA Tactical's genesis was the design and production of a custom mounting system for the Benelli M4 Super 90 / M1014 Tactical Shotgun which represents a quantum leap over other market offerings for this platform. 

Existing Benelli M4 light mount systems make compromises that result in the light positioned further away from the body of the firearm than is necessary. They often have very limited functionality and the end user may require additional systems to add sling and or accessory rail features. Most prevent the firearm from being disassembled without tools. And finally, the railed hand guards available for the M4 change the feel of the firearm adding undesirable bulk and discomfort. 

AVA Tactical set out to create a custom Benelli M4 Mount system which solves all these problems and more.

     Light Mount 
  • - Immediately adaptable to  1 inch, .8 inch and Scout Style lights.
  • - Light is held in close between the magazine tube and barrel
  • - Optimum placement of the tail switch for activation. 
  • - Lower profile than any other system for the Benelli M4. 
     Sling Boss 
  • Rotation Limited Quick Disconnect
     Expansion Interface
  • M-Lok Extremely Low Profile on axis of barrel for laser, snag free design.
     Ambidextrous Design 
  • Can be mounted with Light, Sling QD, MLok Interface on side of your choosing.

Note: Scout Style lights require Z61 or equivalent non-flared tail-cap. It is advised to also use aftermarket Scout bodies with smaller lugs. 


Please see the Gallery for more pictures. 

  • Extremely light weight at 2 ounces
  • Type III Hard Coat Anodized 7075-T6 Aluminium
  • High Quality Torx Fastners
  • No bulk design, yet fully featured. No bulky hand-guards, no heavy parts. 
  • Unlike many other systems, the AVA Tactical M4 Mounting System does not interfere with assembly or disassembly of your M4. The M4 remains fully field strippable without the use of tools.
  • Expansion Interface maintains zero with barrel axis as the system does not have to be removed to strip the firearm. 
  • Made in the United States. 
                                                                           All Designs Patent Pending

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